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We are a nonprofit organization that works solely through volunteers with NO paid employees. While the choice to operate without paid employees keeps funds for immediate client needs, we still have all the needs of a nonprofit organization that pays employees for their work. The following positions are nonpaid positions that we need to fill.

Social Media Ambassador — We need volunteers who can improve our local community engagement to increase our brand awareness and reach people wanting to assist refugees. Volunteers should have a working knowledge of posting on Meta (both Facebook and Instagram). (12 to 18 months)

Photo collection and Asset Manager — We need a photographer willing to attend apartment setups and interact with refugees to photograph the apartments and the refugees (with parental permission release). This person would need to work with the Newsletter writer and the social media ambassadors.

Videographer and YouTube Channel Volunteer — The volunteer will compile short videos of organizational goals and activities to draw people to volunteer. They will work with volunteer groups to film experiences obtained through serving refugees through Action Alliance International. (12 to 18 months)

Logistics Volunteer — This person would help with organizing goods transport to apartment setups. We often rent trucks for the transports but are seeking alternative, less expensive methods. 

Donation Evaluation and Processing — We need volunteers willing to work with the Logistic Volunteer who will sort, clean, or repair items donated and needed. They will also determine if donated items would be better suited to be donated to a different nonprofit and then pass them on. We need a network of people filling this position in various areas within our constituency. This person will not be responsible for collecting any furniture but will alert the Logistic Volunteer of potential large item donations.

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