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This is where we pull our DFW community together to volunteer so that we can successfully help people in need. We are a nonprofit organization that works solely through volunteers with NO paid employees.  We need your help!


Apartment Setup Volunteer

We are assigned an apartment setup from one of the nonprofits we work with. The setup must be completed 2-4 days after receiving the assignment. We send out an email to our volunteers and those who are available meet at the apartment and help with the setting up of each room.

Cleaning or Repairing Donated Goods

We often receive donations that can be used with just a little bit of cleaning or repair. Join this list to receive processing assignments as we receive them. This is a great at-home project. Current Project—Repair Ironing Board Covers




Make a Twin Quilt

We need quilts. The greatest need is for twin quilts for children and single adults. We can also use Queen and Full sized quilts as well as cute toddler bed and crib sized covers. This is a great at home project. 

Purse Kit

Many of the women come without a purse or handbag. Dig out one of your old ones or collect some from friends. Fill the purse with many of the necessities we like to carry. This is a great at home project. 



Diaper Bag Kit

Load a diaper bag with all the things a mom needs for her baby. This is a great at home project.

Backpack Kit

Stuff a gently used or new backpack with supplies that students need. This is a great at home project.



Make First Aid Kits

Buy Bandaids and other first aid needs and put them into ziplock bags.This is a great at home project.


Make Mending Kits

Imagine having very few clothes and no money to mend them with! This is a great at home project.



Make Home Essential Kit

Think of items you might keep in a kitchen junk drawer. Examples are tape, clothes pins, nails, screws, pens, pencils, paper clips, flashlight, wire, glue, pliers, hammer, screwdrivers, batteries, clothesline rope, and chalk. Make one or many!

Hold a Consumables Collection

Hold a consumables drive to collect items such as dish soap, bathroom cleaner, hand soap, toilet paper, tissues, kitchen trash bags, ziplock bags, sponges, disposable razors, etc.

Hanger Collection

This project is especially for families with young children. We need hangers of all sizes sorted into like kinds and shapes and bound together, with rubber bands or taped, in sets of 25. The hangers can be wire or plastic but need to be grouped with like kinds. This is also a great home project.

Make and Donate Mops

This is your opportunity to put some of those old stained, bleached, or otherwise damaged bath towels to good use. Collect bathtowels that are more than gently used. Cut them in half (making two squares, not rectangles) and cut a small hole in the center of the square towel. Fold the square and put it in a gallon ziplock bag along with the instructions printed from this link.

Student Assistance Request Booklet

Starting at a new school and not knowing the language can be very challenging. This little booklet can be given to non-english speakers to help them navigate their first days. Follow this link to a google document you can print to make these booklets.

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